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Hi everybody !! now we will move to Lombok for another culinary. Lombok is actually near Bali but the style of food there is quite different, the food in Lombok usually taste so spicy and many people said that foods in Lombok are the spiciest in Indonesia. You must try it if you love spicy foods but I'm quite sure it will make your lips dancing and then you will drink a lot of water while sweating !! LOL 
Now I'm gonna tell you some foods tat you will only find in we go !!  

1. Sup Bebalung

Sup bebalung is like a soup with beef ribs and usually people eat it with rice and sometimes extra chili although without that extra chili it already feels spicy. People in lombok said that this is not so spicy but that's a lie for me I've tried it once and it is so spicy for me so hot I was dying just to eat this one. I couldn't finish all of them and in the I only ate half because I couldn't resist anymore 
just for your information information bebalung has the same meaning as bone in english so that's why the called it sup bebalung because it consist of many bones 

2.Ayam Taliwang

Ayam taliwang is a roasted chicken cooked with a special sauce that made it so spicy probably the spiciest food in lombok. the age of chicken for ayam taliwang is about 3-5 months so when it comes to your mouth it feels so tender. It is usually served with rice and also water spinach. the flavour of this food is of course spicy as I've said before but it is also quite sweet. 
 it is named ayam taliwang because it is originally made from taliwang (someplace in Lombok)
ayam taliwang is the most favorite food for the tourists. People said that if you go to Lombok and you dont eat this one that means you have never been there. But be careful guys it is known as the spiciest food in Lombok so it will be a challenge to eat this one 

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