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Delicious taste of indonesian foods :SULAWESI !

In indonesia, Sulawesi is one of the four larger Sunda Islands 
and the world's eleventh-largest island. The island is subdivided into six provinces: Gorontalo, West Sulawesi, South Sulawesi, Central Sulawesi, Southeast Sulawesi, and North Sulawesi. West Sulawesi is a new province, created in 2004 from part of South Sulawesi. The largest cities on the island are Makassar, Manado, Palu, Kendari and Gorontalo.

There is a list of the most popular indonesian foods that come from different part of SULAWESI.

1. Gorontalo
The most popular food is BINTE BILUHUTA.
2. West Sulawesi
Sup Lobster Kelapa Muda from (West Sulawesi) is a West Sulawesi traditional soup which is rich with marine resources. The soup has rich flavours since so many seafood ingredients in it, namely, fresh lobster, squid and shrimp enriched with fresh pumpkin and tasty broth soup and fresh young coconut, which can be tasted not only the coconut water, but also the pieces of coconut meat.
3. South Sulawesi
   1. Coto Makassar
Coto Makassar is the traditional food of Makassar in South Sulawesi. It is asoup with sliced beef and cow’s intestines which have been boiled inside. It is served with ketupat (boiled rice packed in woven palm leaf). A visit to Makassar will be incomplete without a try of this dish.

    2. Sop Konro

Sop Konro or beef rib soup is different from any other soup you may have tried before. Apart from the big chunk of beef and its massive bone, this soup rich of spices, such as black nuts or keluak in local tongue that can only be found in Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia. Eat with rice and sambal (chili sauce) for the ultimate Indonesian taste.

    3. Pisang Epe
Makassar is also famous for its pisang epe, a traditional pastry made from banana (pisang is Indonesian for banana). Grilled bananas are coated withpalm sugar, and are served with durian. When you are in Makassar, don’t forget to visit Losari Beach where you can find street vendors selling pisang epe.

    4. Es Palu Butung
Es palu butung is another Makassar’s pride. Like pisang epe, it is made fromripe bananas that have been steamed and peeled. The bananas are then served in a plate and coated with sauce made from rice flour, coconut milkand vanilla powder. Lastly, ice cubes and red syrup are then added to make the heavenly taste. 


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Riya Singh said...

Your blog provided us with valuable information to work with. Thanks a lot for sharing. Keep blogging.
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